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Dear Guest,

We are happy to show you our house.

Clung to the sedimentary rock from which it's named after: "Giuggiulena" the building is almost a place set apart, a secret place, a shelter of serenity and natural beauty overlooking the sea accompanied by the waves and the moon. The sight goes up to the big harbour's creek and Ortigia, from where is just 15 minute walk.

The love we feel for this place and our guests naturally makes us pay attention and extra care to every single detail in order to offer them joyful days and unforgettable nights.

Our rooms, the big living room with a collection of books and music, the terrace and the direct shore access are at your own disposal to make your permanence intimate and enjoyable, almost suggesting that the time spent here is never wasted.


Tel. +39 0931 46.81.42  - Fax. +39 0931 20.00.76 -